Russo And Steele Auction Will Feature Nicolas Cage Quot 1970 Hemi

1970 Plymouth Barracuda features sleekTriple Back black and the look is in the registry as Chrysler 128, number 284 1970 Cudas With A Four-speed Transmission It Came From The Factory With The Super Track Pak A 426 Hemi Under The Hood Black Vinyl Bucket Seats And Interior Argent Shaker Rallye Wheels Rim Blow Steering Wheel And The Famous Pistol Grip Shifter Its Engine And Transmission Have Also Been Completely Rebuilt And Tuned On A Dyno The Classic Cuda Was Inspected In 2005 At Which Time It Was Verified That 100 Percent Of The Vehicles parts are marked with the original VIN.

7.1.09 12:02

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